Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Dreams about comedy shows

My last two dreams: in both of them I went to see comedy shows or something like that. One of them was a popular local TV show, the other one a more underground kind of stuff. There were people there that did n0t treat me very well.

I have no clue about these ones... Specially the second one... Let me think about it for a while...

(Maybe these dreams are the consequence of being exposed to a massive amount of country music from the 40's and 50's in a short time).

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Things I got from Vancouver

My dad brought me 2 CD's . Black Celebration (Depeche Mode) and 40 Greatest Hits (Hank Willams Sr.). I KNOW that to ask for a Hank Willams CD is strange (more if you call yourself Pop Producer) but I like pop history and when you look for the roots of the music you like you have to study 50's rock and roll and you can't understand 50's rock and roll without understanding 40's and 50's country (& western) music. And the guy was the best country songwriter for that era. And, let me tell you, I liked what I've heard. I DON'T LIKE country music and I will never will, but a couple of songs here and there are good.

I already had the vinyl LP version of Black Celebration but I asked for the CD anyway.

My brother sent me his DVD's containing the 1st season of Futurama. I loved that. I also received The Simpsons 1st Season in DVD but I liked Futurama more. Maybe because I've seen the Simpsons episodes thousands of times (and these are not the best ones, the one where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, the one where Bart goes to France, the one where Bart is mistaken for a genius, etc).

I also got a couple of Mad Magazines and three Keyboard Magazines. My dad brought a digital video camara he bought for my sister's wedding and he lent it to me so I'm filming like crazy. It's a cool device.

Friday, September 24, 2004

My dad comes from BC

My family lives close to Vancouver, BC, Canada. He'll return to Buenos Aires today. I'll pick him up at the airport in a few hours. Hope he brings the things I asked for... (Magazines, etc. that are hard to find here).

Description for people born on June 22 (like me)

Birthday Horoscope for 06/22
The person born on this day is a romantic first and foremost. The ruling planet for today is Uranus, which gives this person an extra dose of eccentricity. They can hide their true feelings to the point that they become ill in the way of skin irritations and stomach ailments. They can be the unrealistic and unaware of their situations. This person needs to learn the art of distancing themselves from their past experiences and looking forward to tomorrow.

A look ahead; You can only be upstaged by your fantasies

Famous Birthdays; Todd Rundgren, Freddie Prinze, Meryl Streep, Kris Kristofferson, Cindi Lauper, Carson Daly, Billy Wilder.


I use to have skin irritations and problems

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

A nice sunny day

It's a lovely day, typical spring weather, sunny but not so hot and I think it's a little windy sometimes. So the weather sucked yesterday just to ruin the student's picnics. I had a haircut, went to the gym and came back home to keep recording stuff.

Another Mix Finished

Today I've finished mixing another song. It was somehow complicated, 48 tracks or so (without guitars and vocals). It took a long time to mix and I think the bass frequencies are a little bit loud. But to be sure I'll have to listen at the mix through several speakers and stereos and, above all, relax my ears.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


By the way, springtime is here. It is also the Day of The Student so it's a local holiday and lots of teens are camping and having fun in parks and the streets. But the day s horribly cold and the sky is gray. I'm staying at home working anyway.

New dream with foreign places

I was in a kind of supermarket somewhere in Spain. I met there people I know from my teen years, old friends I lost touch with (for good reasons, not very cool guys). A girl I had a crush with when I was around 20 years old entered the places and said hi to everyone but me (we had a somewhat violent separation, me and all those people, so she'll probably ignore me in real life too, or at least she would treat me in a cold way). The supermarket was closing, the prices were high in Euros. I had to decide if I was going to buy things or not.

I was never in Spain, and I don't have any contact with these guys I meet in the dream. My family is originally from Spain and we have relatives living there but I have no special interest in going there.

Monday, September 20, 2004

My sister's wedding pics

My sister Cecilia got married in Surrey, BC, Canada, on Sept 4. Here are some pics of her and her husband Tete and the whole ceremony. These pics are somewhere else but the url is so complicated that I made a page for them.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I ate like a pig - Coffee - Black clothes

Well, just that. And my cousin served some cofee and I poured it all over the white tableclothes (I sat at the exact point where two tables got together so I poured the cofee over the two of them). No one said anything because I do those things all the time. Someone suggested that's the reason I dress in black, in order to camouflage the spots of the things I pour all over my clothes.

Marlene's 15th bithday

Sunday. I woke up early (well, 11:45) and went to my cousin's daughter birthday party. In Argentina a girl's 15th birthday is considered a special one and are cellebrated acordly, but Marlene is a modern girl, so we just had a lunch and she wore black clothes (the traditional color used to be white for the girl, but that's an old thing in my opinion). Her sister Nayla was born the same day some years after so it was her birthday too, 11.

Last Night

I finally got in touch with Kique. I went to mi ex's birthday party (well, just an informal meeting) and after that Kique and me got together to have a beer and talked a lot about lots of personal issues. I love when my friends' lives are messier than mine.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Where is Kiqueeeeeeeeeeeee??

I phoned a friend I haven't seen in ages (well, several months) called Kique. Tonight is my ex's birthday party but only a few people will go and most of them are girls (everyone but me - and I have a huge gay music collection). Kique agreed to get out with us in case we planned to get out because he fought with his partner, a girl, they worked together but something happened and now they don't talk to each other (maybe it's a secret so I assume that if a few thousand people reads it here it will be OK).

Kique said to me "call me at my mobile phone" but no one answers... Where are you???????? Do you think is funny to leave a man alone with his ex and your ex best friends, the ones that heard of those stories about me when she and I were breaking up?

What language? Inglés? Spanish?

OK, I have to decide what language to chose. Some people wrote me saying that the post in English were better. Maybe. But most of my friends and family members speak Spanish, so what to do?

I'll think I'll post in English just to piss them off! ;)

Comments welcome -

Finished mixing a song without bass

Just finished mixing a song. I tried several arrangements for the bass but couldn't find a good one and the song worked without the bass anyway so I left the bass away. It's HARD to mix an uptempo/ almost dance song without a bass, I'm not used to. I spent the whole afternoon.

In a few days I'll meet a great bass player and I hope he gets an idea for the bass line. There are n0 vocals though so when the vocalist is finished I'll have to mix everything again (it sounds like an strange way of working but I have to play the song for the singer who doen't know the song so I want to sound it close to the final version because he'll have to sing on top of that).

I'll go jogging now.

CD's que me compré la semana pasada

  • The Cure - Staring At The Sea
  • Pet Shop Boys - Disco
  • Pink Floyd - The Final Cut
  • Culture Club - 12'' Mixes Plus
  • Morcheeba - Parts Of The Process

Obviamente todas las copias originales. Vender CD's truchos es un delito y yo soy músico y tengo un sello así que no solo no lo hago sino que me peleo con los villeros que lo hacen.

Arreglitos en las páginas

Ok, fui a mi página y agregué los links para venir al blog. Ahora vengo al blog y pongo los datos de la página y se arma un círculo vicioso en el cual los visitantes van de un lado a otro y yo no me gasté en escribir nada. Para ir a mi página cliqueen AQUÍ .

Last Night Dream

There was a wedding (I'm obsessed). Someone very close to mine was getting married, my brother or cousin. The priest (or whatever he was) was cool and direct and he even talked about sex and other marital subjects than priests don't usually talk about. I wore a black suit with no shirt so my chest was visible under the buttoned suit. After that there was a party somewhere, the weather was humid but it started to get sunny. Old friends had to bring some CD's, but I was the one that took care of that so other people shown up with the CD's, but they were told that they were no longer necessary.

Blogs ajenos

Estoy déle leer los blogs de los colegas bloguistas... Hay algunos que son unos imbéciles pero la mayoría es gente que la tiene clarísima... Pobre de mí, voy a tener que esforzarme...

Chiste de Dilbert

Me encanta Dilbert (como si alguna vez hubiese pisado una oficina o hubiera estado con gente de traje y corbata sin contar los casamientos y cumpleaños de quince suburbanos a los que fui).

Chiste de ayer: El jefe de Dilbert está entrevistando posibles trabajadores y viene un cabezón que le dice "Si me contrata, usaré mi enorme cerebro para crear productos que cambiarán el mundo. No necesito ser pagado ni tener un cubículo. Dormiré colgado del techo y me alimentaré de papel viejo".

En el tercer cuadrito están en una reunión de oficina y el cabezón está durmiendo con la lengua afuera (es un completo inepto) y el jefe le dice a Dilbert "en mi defensa, él es muy bueno en las entrevistas de trabajo"

Que HUMOR NERD que tengo Dios mío...


Describir un sueño en inglés es más complicado de lo que pensé.

Algunas imágenes que se vienen repitiendo en mis sueños

  • Los suburbios, lugares residenciales con casas con jardín, no muy fashion.
  • Casamiento, me caso, me compro un traje para casarme, etc. etc.
  • El extranjero, extranjeros.
  • Una chica a la que llamaré Chica 1
  • Coni (otra chica, es largo de contar)
  • Extranjero, viajes.
  • Bandas, grupos musicales, Beatles, Bowie, Lennon, Pet Shop Boys etc.
  • La casa donde vivía con mis padres, dejarla, alejarme de mis padres (mis viejos viven en Canadá a 16.000 km de donde vivo yo así que no sé de qué habla)
Todas estas imágenes se suman a los sueños comunes que tenemos todos como estar desnudos en la calle, ser coronados Reyes Del Mundo, vomitar en el lavarropas o despertarse convertido en cucaracha.

Dream with strawberries and my English ex

I had a dream.

I had an English girlfriend (this is true) and I was dating her during the dream. I called her on the phone and asked to see her and she said that she was going to be awake till 2:00 AM and I could see her till that hour. She had to buy strawberries at a small shop outside her hotel or place where she was staying. I went past 2:00 AM and asked the guy at the shop (an old man) if an English girl had been buying strawberries a few minutes ago. He said yes, and she's back inside. She was staying at a place that was a large corridor with courtains and girls and women slept behind those courtains, not having real rooms but spaces separated by those courtains. I entered the place searching for her (I assumed she was awake because she had bought the fruit minutes ago) but a Brazilian girl was leaving the place and was turning the lights on and all the girls were waking up and noticing me and I felt they felt I was an intruder so I left the place without finding her.

It was the suburbs. I'm dreaming a lot about the suburbs, and I don't like the suburbs because I'm a big city guy.

Mi ex cumplió años

Mi ex Valeria cumplió años (no diré cuantos - 31) y lo festeja hoy, no hace nada muy interesante pero como mi vida es medio un embole me va a parecer muy cool.

¿¿Qué corno pasa con la hora??

Ahora me doy cuenta de que la hora es la hora de USA o de donde sea y que en el primer post puse la local y en el segundo no y esta cosa los lista según la hora así que me quedaron mal. Odio esto, preparen la antorcha.

Otro test

OK, vamos a ver si escribiendo en español mejora un poco la cosa... Es curioso, hablo mucho pero cuando me pongo a pensar qué escribir no me sale nada... Me hace acordar a cuando uno quiere ir al baño en una casa que no es la de uno pero sería mejor dejar el tema ahí...

No quería hacerme un blog, tengo una home page donde tengo todas mis cosas. - pero la tentación pudo más (es gratis). Me interesa ver qué tipo de gente lee esto. La página web atrae diferentes tipos de personas y de algunas me hice amigo (mentira - sólo la visitan porque puse palabras alusivas al sexo para que aparezca en los buscadores).


OK, I'm creating a blog. I'll write this in English because I'm a complete moron (I speak Spanish as my first language). Hope This looks good