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Million-Selling Singles [UK]

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The first single to sell a million copies in Britain alone was Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock." Released in 1955, it took until 1957 to attain this landmark achievement. Below is a list of all million-sellers since "Rock Around The Clock" in chronological order of the date upon which they achieved their millionth sale!

The first date refers to the year in which the track sold its millionth copy. This can differ significantly from the year of release / peak chart success (the second date shown).

Key: M - a million+ sold 'over the counter' MM - 2 million+ sold 'over the counter' etc.
(M) - a re-issue pushed 'over the counter' sales above a million m - a million to retail.

Year Released
1 1957 1955MBill Haley Rock Around The Clock
2 1957 1957MHarry Belafonte Mary's Boy Child
3 1957 1957MPaul Anka Diana
4 1960 1960MElvis PresleyIt's Now Or Never
5 1962 1962MCliff Richard & The ShadowsThe Young Ones
6 1962 1961MMr Acker Bilk Stranger On The Shore
7 1962 1962MFrank Ifield I Remember You
8 1963 1963MThe Beatles She Loves You
9 1963 1963MThe Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand
10 1964 1964MThe Beatles Can't Buy Me Love
11 1964 1964MThe Beatles I Feel Fine
12 1965 1965MKen Dodd Tears
13 1965 1965MThe Seekers The Carnival Is Over
14 1966 1965MThe Beatles We Can Work It Out / Day Tripper
15 1966 1966MTom Jones Green Green Grass Of Home
16 1967 1967MEnglebert Humperdinck Release Me
17 1967 1967MEnglebert Humperdinck The Last Waltz
18 1973 1973MGary Glitter I Love You Love Me Love
19 1975 1975M(M)Queen Bohemian Rhapsody
20 1976 1976MBrotherhood Of Man Save Your Kisses For Me
21 1977 1976MDavid Soul Don't Give Up On Us
22 1977 1942(M)Bing Crosby White Christmas
23 1977 1977MMPaul Mccartney & Wings Mull Of Kintyre / Girl's School
24 1977 1972MThe Simon Park Orchestra Eye Level
25 1978 1978MmBoney M Rivers Of Babylon / Brown Girl In The Ring
26 1978 1978MJohn Travolta & Olivia Newton-John You're The One That I Want
27 1978 1978MJohn Travolta & Olivia-Newton-John Summer Nights
28 1978 1978MBoney M Mary's Boy Child - Oh My Lord
29 1979 1978MThe Village People Y.M.C.A.
30 1979 1979MBlondie Heart Of Glass
31 1979 1979MArt Garfunkel Bright Eyes
32 1981 1975MJohn Lennon Imagine
33 1981 1981MThe Human League Don't You Want Me
34 1982 1982MDexy's Midnight Runners Come On Eileen
35 1983 1983MCulture Club Karma Chameleon
36 1984 1983MFrankie Goes To Hollywood Relax
37 1984 1984MFrankie Goes To Hollywood Two Tribes
38 1984 1984MGeorge Michael Careless Whisper
39 1984 1984MStevie Wonder I Just Called To Say I Love You
40 1984 1984MMMBand Aid Do They Know It's Christmas
41 1984 1984MWham! Last Christmas / Everything She Wants
42 1985 1985MJennifer Rush The Power Of Love
43 1985 1973(M)Slade Merry Xmas Everybody
44 1991 1981(M)Soft Cell Tainted Love
45 1991 1991MBryan Adams (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
46 1993 1992MWhitney Houston I Will Always Love You
47 1994 1994MWet Wet Wet Love Is All Around
48 1994 1994MWhigfieldSaturday Night
49 1995 1994MCeline DionThink Twice
50 1995 1995MRobson & Jerome Unchained Melody / (There'll Be Blue Birds Over) The White Cliffs Of Dover
51 1995 1983(M)New Order Blue Monday
52 1995 1995MCoolio featuring LVGangsta's Paradise
53 1995 1995MRobson & JeromeI Believe
54 1996 1996MBabylon Zoo Spaceman
55 1996 1995MMichael JacksonEarth Song
56 1996 1996MThe Fugees Killing Me Softly
57 1996 1996MSpice GirlsWannabe
58 1997 1996MSpice Girls2 Become 1
59 1997 1997MPuff Daddy & Faith Evans I'll Be Missing You
60 1997 1997MMMMElton John Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle in The Wind 1997
61 1997 1997MAqua Barbie Girl
62 1997 1997MVarious ArtistsPerfect Day
63 1998 1997MAll Saints Never Ever
64 1998 1998MCeline Dion My Heart Will Go On
65 1998 1997MThe Teletubbies Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh
66 1998 1998(M)Run DMC vs Jason NevinsIt's Like That
67 1998 1998MBoyzoneNo Matter What
68 1998 1998MCher Believe
69 1999 1998MStepsHeartbeat / Tragedy
70 1999 1999MBritney Spears Baby One More Time
71 2000 1999MEiffel 65 Blue (Da Ba Dee)
72 2001 2001MShaggy featuring RikrokIt Wasn't Me
73 2001 2001MHear'Say Pure And Simple
74 2001 2000MBob The BuilderCan We Fix It?
75 2002 2001MKylie MinogueCan't Get You Out Of My Head
76 2002 2002MWill Young Anything Is Possible / Evergreen
77 2002 2002MGareth GatesUnchained Melody
78 2004 2004MBand Aid 20Do They Know It's Christmas?
79 2005 1971MTony Christie(Is This The Way To) Amarillo
Three further titles are believed to have sold a million+ to retail (ie. not over the counter). They are:
- 1980 1979mPink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 (0.995m)
- 1998 1997mRobbie Williams Angels (0.865m)
- 2004 1996(m)Peter AndreMysterious Girl (0.930m)
Key: M - a million+ sold 'over the counter' MM - 2 million+ sold 'over the counter' etc.
(M) - a re-issue pushed 'over the counter' sales above a million m - a million to retail.

Artists With Most Number 1s [UK]

From this page

This, possibly the most important record, is held by Elvis Presley. He has had 21 chart-toppers, 18 of them different songs (three titles have topped the chart on two distinctly separate chart runs as part of the series of re-issues to commemorate what would have been Elvis' 70th birthday in 2005). You can see how this record has 'changed hands' over the years here.

The Beatles are the top group with 17 number 1s. Madonna is the top woman with 10. Top female group is The Spice Girls with 9.

Only six acts in chart history have got into double figures with their tally of chart-toppers. They are: Elvis Presley (20, 18 different songs), The Beatles (17), Cliff Richard (14 : six of them with The Shadows, one with The Drifters, one with The Young Ones), Westlife (12 : one of them with Mariah Carey), The Shadows (11 : six of them with Cliff Richard, two of these also with The Norrie Paramor Strings) and Madonna (10)

Westlife hold the record for getting into double-figures in the shortest time (2 years and 10 months [ie. 149 weeks] - more than 3 months quicker than The Beatles (who took 165 weeks). Unlike Westlife, however, The Beatles tended to spend several weeks at the summit, slowing down their release rate.)

It is worth pointing out that Paul McCartney has featured on more Number 1s than any other artist. He loses out in this section due to his diverse range of credits. He has, in fact, appeared on 24 Number 1s; solo (1), with Wings (1), Stevie Wonder, The Christians et al (1), Ferry Aid (1), Band Aid (1), Band Aid 20 (1) and The Beatles (17). John Lennon has featured in 20 chart-toppers, three solo Number 1s adding to his tally of 17 with The Beatles.

Most Successful Acts Not To Have A Number 1 Single [UK]

Depeche Mode have had most Top 40 hits without making No. 1 (37 of them!). In fact, they've never risen above No. 4.

Billy Fury has spent 231 weeks on the Top 40. No other artist has spent longer on the chart without making No. 1. His best chart placing was Number 2 for "Jealousy" in 1961.

Special mention must also go to Sash! who has made Number 2 on five occasions. No other artist has been 'runner up' with so many singles without ever making it to Number 1.

(Jon) Bon Jovi has featured on eighteen Top 10 singles but never made the number 1 position.

One hit behind, Janet Jackson has appeared on seventeen Top 10 singles without reaching the top spot.

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Why Flood [the producer] is called Flood

From Synthpop Music

....The new a-ha studio album is now in the mixing process. The band is in London to mix the album with the renowned producer and engineer Flood. Flood (who is born Mark Ellis, he reportedly acquired the name Flood as a result of his habit of spilling tea in the studio)....

So that's the reason... Flood produced among others NIN, U2, Smashing Pumpkins and I think Depeche Mode... Erasure? I'm pretty sure he produced something from them too... Circus?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Córdoba: entró a robar, tomó alcohol y se durmió

CORDOBA (Télam).- Un hombre ingresó a robar en una vivienda de la ciudad de Córdoba y, tras ingerir bebidas alcohólicas que encontró dentro de un armario, se quedó dormido sobre una cama, donde fue sorprendido y detenido por el dueño de la casa, informaron fuentes policiales.

El insólito hecho se produjo en una vivienda ubicada en el kilómetro 6 del Camino a Montecristo, cuando el propietario, que se había ausentado al mediodía, regresó alrededor de las 22 y se sorprendió al encontrar al delincuente totalmente dormido.

El dueño de la casa, cuya identidad no se reveló, dio rápido aviso a la policía que detuvo al ladrón, identificado como Oscar Alberto Fillipa, de 46 años.

Fuentes policiales confirmaron que el detenido presentaba síntomas de una importante ingesta de alcohol, que al parecer disfrutó en la tranquilidad de la casa.

Según los investigadores, el delincuente aprovechó la ausencia de los dueños de la casa para ingresar tras forzar una puerta.

El detenido será indagado por un juez de turno de la ciudad de Córdoba.

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Dream with a band

Can't remember this dream very well... Let's see...

There was a band playing, they played "Stone" music, but it was like the Stones' 60's stuff, (unlike most "Stone" bands from Argentina that play 70's and 80's stuff and really suck). There was a group of guys listening to them, and they were my sister's former schoolmates (we went to the same school so I knew them). One of them was making a loud guitar sound with his mouth and I told him that he sounded like Jimmy Page [Led Zeppelin's guitar player in case you don't know him]. He said to me "hey, don't drop those names, because there are a lot of people who don't know them, even in the UK". I had no idea what he meant.

OK, this has to be with certain things I was reading before going to sleep (about a possible show by the Stones in Buenos Aires and which was going to be the local support group). I'm recording stuff in English and I plan to send some material to the UK. I was reading certain stuff some days ago about Led Zeppelin... So everything was present here... Why my sister's friends? Who knows... I had a kind of fight with my sister and I started to dream with thigs related to her. Maybe is that.
Another artistic thing...  Posted by Hello
An artistic thing... Posted by Hello
My cousin is building a house. Here with Pili and Eugenia (his daugters) well, fighting for a scarf. As NIN said, "with teeth".  Posted by Hello

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We are recording... Here is a pic from the studio... The lyric is mine.  Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson trial: Michael Jackson was declared non guilty  Posted by Hello

Barenaked Ladies are great!

I mean the band (not very popular here in Argentina...). Their songs are great. Can't believe they are Canadian (my family lives in Canada so as a rule I don't like Canadian things).
Manu Ginobili, probably the most famous Argentinean guy today, yesterday at the NBA finals. Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Here's Gaby, the singer.

She came dressed like this to a recording session at 10 AM (Yes, I was awake).

Are we pop stars or what? - Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Here's my friend Marianita. She paid me a visit on sunday (after the tennis match, see below). This is my bedroom.  Posted by Hello
Finally, Nadal beat Puerta at the final match. Here's a pic of the match as appeared on my bedroom's TV set.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Puerta will play the final match at Roland Garros!

There will be an Argentinean player once again at the final (last year the final match was Gaudio vs Coria, two guys from Argentina). Paola Suarez will play the women's doubles final match. Trouble for Puerta is, he'll play against Nadal, who's playing incredibly good.

Depeche Mode news June 2005

Taken from Side Line

Posted by: Side-Line

Lots of Depeche Mode news has been puring in the last few days, here's a round up. EMI has confirmed us that Depeche Mode is to hold a press conference on June 16th in Dusseldorf, Germany. According to the EMI spokeswoman the band will announce a few selected dates of their Fall tour together with details of their upcoming album which is tentatively planned for release on October 17th in Europe. The band has in the meantime revealed more details on the forthcoming album in an interview with Q Magazine. According to Q the first working titles announced include "Pain", "Suffer Well", "Everything", "Free", "Sinner In Me", "Martyr For Love" and "Macro". Dave Gahan has been quoted saying that the album sounds somewhere between Violator and SOFAD. But knowing that in the past he compared "Exciter" to "Black Celebration" there is not exactly a guarantee that the new material will indeed sound the way Gahan likes describing it. The band will now continue recording in New York at the Stratosphere Studios after their first sessions at Sound Design in Santa Barbara. In total it seems that 12 songs have been written, by Martin Gore and Dave Gahan, to work on. Working with the band in the studio are Ben Hillier (Blur, Clinic, Suede and Elbow) and Dave McCracken (Seal, All Saints, Goldie and James). Layoutwise Anton Corbijn has again been selected to work with the band on the art design of the album while the German film production company Q Film will be involved in a "Making of...". The foottage will be released, either on a DVD single or as a full album DVD. Man behind this DVD project is director Uwe Flade (he directed the "Enjoy The Silence 04" video and Dave Gahan's video for "Bottle Living") who plans to include footage filmed in L.A., New York and London. Interesting to know, Side-Line was contacted by an engineer at one of the few companies that record live tour CD's, saying that Depeche Mode plans to have several dates of their tour recorded as well for online sale afterwards. Earlier this year fellow label mates Erasure succeeded in selling out all of their recent tour CD's. More news as we get it.

(Source: Side-Line / / EMI)

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At the airport with Martin, he was sad because I was going away. I gained a couple of kilos there.  Posted by Hello
Martin & Theo Posted by Hello
My Cousin Mari with her husband Daniel and her two sons, Martin (bike) and Theo. The sidewalk is tipically Brazilian. Posted by Hello
Another detail of the living room, a Buddha head. Posted by Hello
A detail of my Cousin Mari's living room. I was just testing the camara but it looks good.  Posted by Hello

Back in BA from SP

I went to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to be present at my cousin's birthday party, and I'm back in Buenos Aires. I had a great time, I'll post some pictures soon.