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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi: EP newsletter

Several months ago, somewhere in the city of Buenos Aires singer Gaby Laguzzi and producer Emiliano Canal, also known as Canal Pop, got together to record some songs written by the latter. The combination was a little weird: Emiliano was an electropop producer and songwriter, former member of the duo Plastic Orgasm People, while Gaby Laguzzi was a professional session vocalist with a preference for jazz, Brazilian music and 70's funk and black music. Gaby didn't have a wide knowledge of Emiliano's kind of music, and vice versa. What could came of such a combination?

Magic, that's what. Despise their differences (specially in height, Emiliano is 6' 2'' and Gaby is 5') both of them got incredibly well, musically and personally. Gaby's voice blended perfectly with Emiliano's arsenal of synths and beeps, and Emiliano rewrote some songs to fit Gaby's personality. The catchy "If You Are Like Me" is based purely on the personality of the singer. "I wrote it basically observing Gaby and the things she did", remembers the songwriter.

As the songs were recorded they posted them on Internet, and the USA-based electropop label Section44 asked them a song for their upcoming compilation Sector One. Emiliano and Gaby chose "Cool In Japan", a catchy, ironic song that is based on the real story that the CD's of Plastic Orgasm People, Emiliano's former band, sold better in Japan than in Argentina, their own country. "I felt for a while that, if everything else failed, I could always tour Japan playing my former bands' songs, so this story about a guy who's uncool everywhere else but doesn't care because he's cool in Japan just reflected what I felt" Emiliano recalls. The name of the EP is based on a line of this song.

Two more songs complete the EP, "Lonely Dance", a story about a young girl who has a bad time at a club and "Bless The Ones", a Moby-esque ballad with a heavy loop, a catchy melody, bouncing synths and a spiritual message. Gaby found some of the lines of this song specially difficult to sing. "I was singing for hours lines like 'Down the street/ People walk/ They think they are moving but they're staying at one spot'. If you think that's easy to sing, try to do it standing next to Emiliano who was paying attention to every syllable", Gaby complained later.

The idea was to record enough material for an album, but then Gaby accepted an unusual job: she was chosen from a group of five hundred candidates to sing on board at a transatlantic cruiser. Gaby was ending a four-years relationship with a boyfriend and had a big necessity to get away from it all. Emiliano said OK, and since she has to be on the sea for some eight months, Eternal Sunday releases now these four catchy, ironic and lovely songs. Enjoy them, they won't be played live neither in Buenos Aires not anywhere else for a long time…

Monday, June 18, 2007

Retrato mío por Euge & Pili

NBA title & The Golf US Open

Last week was a good one for Argentina's sport. The Spurs, with Manu Ginobili and Oberto, won the NBA title after beating Cleveland 4-0.

And yesterday Ángel Cabrera won the golf US Open, relegating favorite Tiger Woods to the second place. This is the second time a major tournament is won by an Argentinean player, the first one being the British Open won byRoberto De Vicenzo in 1968.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Release: Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi

Eternal Sunday presents the EP We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires.

Ex Plastic Orgasm People member Emiliano Canal got together with singer Gaby Laguzzi and bpth recorded several songs. The best 4 of those songs were taken to create this must-have EP. As usual with emiliano the songs are ultra catchy, the lyrics are ironic and the vocals are carefully produced. This EP features the song "Cool In Japan" that was released some time ago as part of the electropop compilation Sector One released by the Section 44 label (USA).

We Never Play Live in Buenos Aires is released in two digital editions, the second one with the bonus track "Don't Bring Me Down", an Electric Light Orchestra 70's cover.

01- Cool In Japan
02- If You Are Like Me
03- Lonely Dance
04- Bless The Ones

05- Doon't Bring Me Down

More info at www.canalpop.com.ar

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Heart, The Remixes reviewed at POP JUSTICE!!!!

Today 06-06-2007 the promo CD for "Heart, The Remixes" by KooLTURE was reviewed at POP JUSTICE, probably the coolest pop music site in the UK and the whole world...

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