Friday, September 30, 2005

Three days ago I posted some pics of the places where I use to run. One of those was this bridge. Today a truck driver didn't calculate the height of the container he was carrying and crashed the bridge with it, making the container fall over two cars. There were no casualties. Posted by Picasa

Lyrics that make you think

It's the way that you shake it
Not the shape or size

"Shake Your Booty Cutie" - Geri Halliwell
(Halliwell/ Alexander/ Nowells)

Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Guillermo Coria lost his second match so Argentina lost the series against Slovakia.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Thursday, September 22, 2005

This is the Argentinean team that will play Davis Cup semis against Slovackia starting tomorrow. They are Gaudio, Coria, Mancini (captain), Nalbandián & Puerta. Their are the numbers 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the world (!) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We'll probably use this quote at the start of the video

Je sais que vous gardez une place au Poëte
Dans les rangs bienheureux des saintes Légions,

Charles Baudelaire
Fleurs Du Mal - I – Bénédiction


Why? The song is called "Blessed The Ones" and this is from Baudelaire's The Flowers of Evil, the first poem. It's called "Blessing"

and it means:

I know you keep a place for the Poet
at the happy queue of the saint Legions.

in Spanish:

Yo sé que tú guardas un lugar para el Poeta
en las felices filas de las santas Legiones.

Quote by ISL

Fashions fade. Style is eternal. - Ives Saint Laurent.

I accidentally erased a hard disk

So I'm VERY pissed off...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

[Amigos] Valerio en el Festival Pepsi Music


VUELVE A PRESENTARSE EN EE UU POR 3ra VEZ EN EL 2005 Jueves 13 de octubre: Bea Ba (NY) & Valerio Rinaldi (Argentina) en Napoli, 8241 Georgia Avenue (Segundo Piso), Silver Spring, MD, 20910, (Washington)

Sabado 15 de octubre:Bea Ba (NY) & Valerio Rinaldi (Argentina) en D Antigua, 84-16 Northern Blvd.Queens, NY Subway: 7 to 82nd St.-Jackson Heights

*San Rock & Roll -direccion Diego Lucente - descargar aqui 8mb
*Video Basta/ direccion Diego Lucente
*Video en vivo/ VALERIO en el LUNA PARK Bs As
soporte de LA LEY

*Video / NUESTRO LUGAR direccion Nino Rinaldi
Elvis in a romantic situation. Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 12, 2005

EFNP - The Visionary

[This is my personality type] Taken from HERE.

Profile by Sandra Krebs Hirsch and Jean Kummerow

ENFPs are initiators of change who are keenly perceptive of possibilities, and who energize and stimulate through their contagious enthusiasm. They prefer the start-up phase of a project or relationship, and are tireless in the pursuit of new-found interests. ENFPs are able to anticipate the needs of others and to offer them needed help and appreciation. They bring zest, joy, liveliness, and fun to all aspects of their lives. They are at their best in situations that are fluid and changing, and that allow them to express their creativity and use their charisma.


ENFP children are 'into everything.' Their natural curiosity results in children for whom questions were invented. They often spend long periods of time devising new and original --- but not necessarily practical --- languages, plays, and scenarios. Many ENFPs enjoy drawing, writing, playacting, and dreaming. They are often chosen as leaders because of their persuasive enthusiasm and their energy for new and different ways of developing things.

ENFP teenagers are agreeable, sociable, outgoing people who like to imagine themselves in the future. They spend many hours wondering and discussing with friends whom they will marry, where they will live, what their children will be like, and what work they will do. They leave no option or possibility unexplored and find it difficult to see themselves in any single job or career.

Because they see endless possibilities, to select one possibility appears to the ENFP to be too narrow a focus. They hate to be boxed into a career for life and therefore hesitate and resist making decisions. It is unwise for ENFPs to settle down too early, and they make the soundest choices when they delay career and marriage decisions until their middle to late twenties. Often when a decision is made, ENFPs will still leave a number of options open or change their minds as they encounter new information.

Even in their everyday activities, ENFPs often search for the new and the novel. If there is a logical route to work and ENFP has been driving that way continually, he or she will likely tire of it and look for other routes.

ENFPs are more likely than other types to change from one career to another, demonstrating their versatility in doing so. It is not uncommon to hear stories of ENFPs who have established themselves in a career and who, when faced with the daily routine of maintaining it, leave it to start another.

Adult ENFPs maintain characteristics that might be considered youthful, such as enthusiasm, curiosity, and a zestful outlook on life. As a result, people often enjoy being with them. Many times they are young-in-spirit as they age, perhaps because of their temperament.

ENFPs look forward to retirement as a time that can bring freedom from the restrictions of the work world and ample opportunity to pursue their varied interests. However, if ENFPs become disabled or experience a lack of resources, such as money, they may become despondent because this restricts their ability to quest after new experiences.


ENFPs often learn best through a variety of means, such as observing, reading, and listening to and interacting with others. They enjoy the search for new ideas and possibilities, and will put in the time necessary to master subjects they find interesting. One strength is their enthusiasm for the process of discovery. They enjoy survey courses, comparative studies, and disciplines in which there is much to research and explore. They do not like classes that are too structured, that consist only of lectures, and that allow no room for their imagination. They may get caught up in the learning process and consequently need strict deadlines to bring a project to completion.

ENFPs prefer a learning environment in which the teacher takes personal interest in them, in which there is an opportunity to talk about ideas with their peers, and in which there is a chance to ask questions and develop new ideas.

A motto that might describe the ENFP as a learner is "There's always another way or another answer."


For ENFPs, loving is an almost constant state. They are generally involved or in love with someone or something new. ENFPs may have originated the quotation "All the world loves a lover." When falling in love, they explore all the new possibilities in the relationship, and the new person is studied in every way. The ENFP tends to idealize his or her current relationship and will often say that their current one is "the best ever."

It might be argued that each type, when first in love, resembles a garden-variety ENFP, because ENFPs normally behave like people in love. Some of the cultural cliches about falling in love - such as "Falling in love with love," "Head over heels in love," "Love is blind," "All the world loves a lover," and "Throw caution to the wind" - seem to apply to the ENFP. This same boundless affection can be showered upon friends, co-workers, and others. People often feel unconditionally loved by ENFPs, but over time many of these relationships dissipate, as in "When I'm not near the ones I love, I love the ones I'm near."

ENFPs are delightful, enthusiastic partners who are young in spirit; there is rarely a dull moment with them. They readily note their partner's best aspects. They may overlook obvious details and facts about their partners that might cause other types to be more cautious. As relationships progress, ENFPs romanticise their partners and make strong efforts to rationalize any discrepancy between the reality and their "ideal."

When they are in love, they may either overcommit and ignore any unpleasant yet true facts; or they may undercommit, believing that there may be a better love "just around the corner." Therefore, ENFPs may be seen as fickle in their relationships as they search for the "right one."

When and if the flaws in the relationship become too obvious to ENFPs, they may admit defeat, feeling great pain because they have put so much energy into perfecting a particular relationship. When ENFPs are scorned, they overgeneralize about their partners' worst faults. Because ENFPs thrive on new possibilities, when they fall out of love, they rebound quickly.


1. Don’t tell everything you know.


Stereo albums in the 60's

I'm reading several articles about the Beatles and one says something interesting: that bands used to record different versions of their songs (mono and stereo) and that the stereo version of an album was always more expensive ($1 more in the USA).

I knew that there were mono versions of Beatles songs different to the stereo ones, particularly from the Sgt Pepper's era, but never listened to them. Some songs differ in duration about 20 secons so the differences are important... So we are talking of different albums with different takes...

I've seen some old albums that say "stereo/ also playable in mono" so they probably were able to standarize the system later...

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You probably heard of this. This is the famous 19th century circus poster that inspired the Beatles song "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite", from the Sgt. Pepper's album. Posted by Picasa

Friday, September 09, 2005

New Depeche Mode documentary to be released on DVD

Taken from Side Line


Out via the UK firm Chrome Dreams on October 17th is the Depeche Mode documentary DVD "Random Access Memory". Melanie Breen, Marketing Coordinator at Chrome Dreams, explains: "This film documents the band's life in music over the past three decades, from their rise in the late 1970s to the present day. With the aid of rare band footage, exclusive interviews, previously unpublished photographs - many from private collections - numerous contributors and a host of other features, this programme, the first of its kind on this legendary group, will delight their millions of dedicated fans."

This first complete and unauthorised DVD biography of Depeche Mode includes previously unseen film footage of the band and exclusive in-depth interviews with those who worked closely with them during their career, including; Brian Griffin (photographer and film maker who shot several of Depeche's sleeves), Jonathan Miller (author of "Stripped: Depeche Mode"), musician and close friend Phil Burdett who played with Martin Gore in previous bands, Deb Mann (former girlfriend of Vince Clarke and involved with running the DM fan club), Gareth Jones (producer of several DM albums), Lisa Davenport (head of the official DM website and fanclub "Musings for the Masses"), Steve Heath and Jeff Hitchings from the DM tribute band 'Black Celebration' among many others.

The DVD also includes special features such as interactive trivia quiz and an extensive digital discography. A DVD that will please many, that's sure. A review of the DVD will be published in Side-Line 53. Chrome Dreams already released the interview disc "Maximum Depeche Mode" in the past. Be sure to order your copy now below! There will only be a limited pressing available. In related news, the second Depeche Mode single to be pulled from the band's upcoming album is supposedly going to be "A pain that i'm used to", the track was performed in Cologne yesterday at the top of the pops recording, as well as "precious". The news comes from people having attended the show.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Full details new Depeche Mode album available

Taken from Side Line

After the rather disappointing "Exciter" release, the UK outfit Depeche Mode is back with a new album, "Playing The Angel", their 11th full length studio release to date. Recorded in Santa Brabara, New York and London it features 12 brand new tracks including for the first time songs co-penned by frontman Dave Gahan. The album comes presented as an extremely limited edition CD/Super Audio CD (SACD) and DVD edition, a standard regular issue and a gatefold double vinyl LP version. Produced by Ben Hillier, "Playing The Angel" features the yet unreleased but immensely popular "Precious" track. The full tracklisting goes something like this: "A Pain That I'm Used To", "John The Revelator", "Suffer Well", "The Sinner In Me", "Precious", "Macrovision", "I Want It All", "Nothing's Impossible", "Introspectre", "Damaged People", "Lillian" and "The Darkest Star". On the additional DVD you will find the following material: "Playing The Angel" in 5.1 and Stereo, a "Making The Angel" shortfilm, plus the video for "Precious" and a 'bare' version of the "Violator" classic "Clean". Finally there is also a photo gallery included with candid studio photos taken by Ben Hillier at the Santa Barbara / New York / London Recording Sessions. "Playing The Angel" will be released on October 17th and will be preceeded by the "Precious" single on October 3rd. The single will be on 3 commercial formats - again omitting various promo remixes - namingly 2 CD singles and a DVD single. The 8 mixes (including full edits) missing on these commercial formats are: Precious (Radio Version), Precious (Sasha's Spooky Mix - Full Length), Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix - Full Length), Precious (Sasha's Spooky Mix - Edit), Precious (Sasha's Gargantuan Vocal Mix - Edit), Precious (Michael Mayer Balaeric Mix), Precious (Misc. Crunch Mix) and Precious (Motor Remix). More Depeche Mode news in the next days.

[Colegas] - Lapo Gessahi

Lapo tiene el estudio donde yo y miles de otros grabamos nuestras cosas durante los '90. Eximio guitarrista, paciente profesor y uno de los tipos con mejor humor que he conocido. Su nombre aparece en cientos de CD's under de la zona, y la mayoría lo escribía mal.

En la foto salió medio chino... Y no sé muy bien qué está haciendo, no estoy seguro de que esté tocando la guitarra...

Más info y mp3's en
Charly García & Diego Maradona, los dos escorpianos autodestructivos más talentosos de la Argentina, juntos ayer en TV. (Foto: Clarín)Posted by Picasa

[Así cualquiera] - Un colectivero se agarró a trompadas con pasajero ciego

De Infobae

(Bus driver engages in fistfight against a blind man)

Un colectivero de la línea 102 se peleó a trompadas con un pasajero ciego a bordo del ómnibus que conducía y que quedó estacionado en el cruce de Paraná y Corrientes en pleno centro porteño.

La discusión comenzó cuando el no vidente mostró una credencial vencida y el conductor se negó a transportarlo generándose una pelea que terminó a los puñetazos, razón por la cual ambos quedaron detenidos en la comisaría tercera.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Juanes en medio de polémica italiana

De La Nacion On Line

Que la pasión por la polémica distingue, casi como un rasgo de carácter nacional, a millones de italianos, no es una novedad ni una noticia; ahora que el motivo de la discusión (que ha alcanzado ya rango político) sea la canción de un artista colombiano, lo es sin ninguna duda.

Juanes tuvo que aclarar en Italia que su canción era una canción de amor.

"La camisa negra" se llama el tema musical, que en la voz del cantautor Juanes esta haciendo furor en las discotecas de este verano italiano; su ritmo inconfundiblemente tropical invita al baile y a la diversión, pero su título (camicia nera en italiano) despierta ciertos sentimientos que enfrentan virulentamente a opuestos sectores de la vida política italiana.

La "camicia nera" ha sido uno de los símbolos más importantes del movimiento fascista que, con Benito Mussolini a la cabeza, gobernara con mano de hierro por más de veinte años este país.

Basta que en las discotecas suenen las primeras notas de la canción de Juanes, para que muchos, según algunos demasiados, brazos derechos se alcen rígidos y mostrando la palma de la mano hacia adelante, ensayen el clásico saludo romano, que todos estaban obligados a respetar en época fascista y que hoy las leyes italianas prohíben expresamente.


"Hay que boicotearla, es apología del fascismo" proponen, a través de internet, desde los sectores más radicales de la izquierda.

"Es una burla pop veraniega", sentencian desde las páginas del diario Secolo D´Italia, órgano de difusión del partido de derechas Allenza Nazionale, que afonda sus raíces en el Movimiento Social Italiano, a su vez heredero directo del Movimiento Fascista de Mussolini.

"Si existe una instrumentalización, incluso prescindiendo de la voluntad del autor, debemos boicotearla - sentencia el diputado del Partido Verde, Paolo Cento.


En las radios italianas nacen todos los días nuevas y divertidas parodias de la canción de Juanes, unas imitando la voz de algún político conocido y modificando burlescamente la letra, otras adaptando el ritmo para "cantar" los hechos de la actualidad.

Los nostálgicos de Mussolini hacen el saludo romano cuando escuchan la canción.

El pasado fin de semana, en uno de los programas más vistos de la cadena pública RAI, Juanes (ganador ya de 9 Premios Grammy Latino) se exhibió cantando su tema "La Camisa Negra"; al final uno de los locutores lo interpeló risueño: ¿Es cierto que este el nuevo himno de Alleanza Nazionale?".

"No -respondió el cantante colombiano - es una canción que habla de amor".

En realidad "La Camisa Negra" no solo habla de amor. Es un ejemplo casi folclórico de ese arte típicamente antioqueño, que sabe jugar con el doble sentido y hacer malabares con las palabras.

Claro que ni el más "malicioso" de aquellos compositores podía imaginarse un malentendido semejante.

Daniel Martínez

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Canal Pop en ZonaIndie

Unas semanas atrás recordábamos a Plastic Orgasm People, una dúo pop argentino poco conocido en nuestro país, pero cuyos temas fueron de los más descargados por los usuarios del portal de música
A raíz de aquel post nos escribe Emiliano Canal, uno de sus integrantes, contándonos de su nuevo proyecto musical: Canal Pop, que comparte con la cantante Gabriela Laguzzi y que contínua el sendero musical encarado en su proyecto anterior. En la actualidad están en plena grabación de su primer álbum, del cuál ya se pueden escuchar algunos temas en formato Real Audio.
Emilio tiene también tiene un blog personal llamado The Pop Producer Blog Show, en el que alterna posts en inglés y castellano.