Sunday, October 31, 2004

Kylie's song that is like an U2 song that is like a Lennon song

I just heard Kylie Minogue's new single "I Believe In You". It's (almost) a rip off from U2's "God Part II", freatured in the Rattle & Hum album and written as a response to John Lennon's "God". These three songs list some things the person doesn't believe in to finish saying, in the chorus, "but I believe in... (whatever)". Lennon said "in me, Yoko and me". Bono said "in love" and Kylie now says "I believe in you".

What about writing "I Believe In Blog"?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm listening to The Doors playing live from BA

At this very moment I'm listening at The Doors playing live from Buenos Aires. And I mean live now, not a recording of a live concert (the original Doors never toured South America). I mean, these are something called The Doors of the 21st Century, and the band members are (original Doors) keyboardist Ray Manzarek, (original Doors) guitar player Robbie Krieger and (The Cult) singer Ian Asbury.

The show is very good. They really sound like the original Doors which may mean that Manzarek & Krieger were the responsibles for that sound. Asbury really sounds like Morrison, so I don't know if that's because Morrison style was easy to fake or because Asbury spent lots of time trying to copy Morrison . The live arrangements of the songs are practically the same as the 60's ones, with some long solos and so on. Well, I guess that it has to be with the fact that nostalgia is a big part of the attractive of the band.

Couriously I'm one of the few people in this country who owns a copy of the LP "The Whole Thing Started With Rock And Roll Now It's Out Of Control" de Ray Manzarek. It wasn't released in South America at that time and as far as I know it was never re issued on CD. I have to play that album for a singer I know, crazy about the Doors. He's probably at the show now. I dind't go because Manzarek's record kind of sucks. (Joke)

Sunday, October 24, 2004


Stolen from this girl.

Bold items describe me.

01. I'm in a relationship (Well kind of)
02. I can't eat sugar
03. I am in love
04. I think Bush is an awesome president
05. I think gay marriage should be approved
06. I enjoy playing my music loud
07. I like to decorate stuff
08. I love the color silver
09. I have too much free time
10. I love hugs!
11. I like to take pictures
12. I am a blonde
13. I love Vanilla Coke
14. My parents are divorced
15. I get amused easily sometimes
16. I hate my siblings (tempting one)
17. I love all my friends to death (no, I wish some of them would die)
18. I have been to the Bahamas at least once
19. I love Aladdin
20. I'm afraid of losing loved ones
21. When I get home the first thing I do is get on computer
22. I need to apply myself more.
23. I need more sleep
24. I like to write poetry
25. Hypocrites piss me off
26. I wish I could ride a motorcycle
27. I don't like chocolate much
28. I have weird dreams
29. I don't have a shower
30. I love to swim
31. I'm scared of changes
33. I don't do extracurricular activities
34. I'm too lazy
35. I am an atheist
36. I tend to hate jerks
37. I'd rather have a small group of close friends than a large group of friends that I didn't know all that well
38. I'm easily hurt (yes I'm a Cancer guy)
39. I'm an Internet nut
40. AIM takes up 1/4 of my life (MSN Messenger does)
41. I like giving gifts
42. I enjoy recieving them as well
43. I'm quiet in class and loud with my friends
44. I love watching films
45. I am very crazy at times
46. I want to learn how to play the flute
47. I love where I go to school
48. I hate my homelife
49. I don't like eating
50. I leave school soon
51. I am an impulse spender
52. I only ever seem to drink pepsi/coke
53. I have lots of nicknames
54. I eat too much junk food
55. I've had an Xanga for over a year
56. I'm tough on the outside, super sensitive on the inside
57. I love video games
58. I am shy at first
59. I'm scared that the entire world hates me and I just don't realize it.
60. I love sarcasm.
61. I'm a bit blonde at times
62. I think I scare people sometimes
63. I think snobby people suck
64. I dislike it when people judge others
65. I prefer the internet to the TV
66. I can cry and not be sad
67. I take a shower every day
68. I interrupt people a lot
69. I hate it when people ignore me or irritate me
70. I can be quiet, then I come out with random outbursts
71. I have a lot of pet peeves
72. I hate scratched CD's and DVD's
73. I love blue eyes
74. I hate acting girlish (well I'm a man)
75. I'm a very messy person
76. I want more piercings!
77. I hate my figure
78. My friends are loud but awesome
79. I sleep on my side
80. I appreciate nice things that are done for me, even if it's just a compliment
81. I'd love to have the money to buy things for people for no reason at all
82. Iced coffee is the best
83. I want to get my ears pierced again
85. I like sitting around doing nothing if it pleases me
86. I don't like talking to new people
87. I love horse back riding
88. I'm a day dreamer
89. I never want to get married
90. I like clean sheets
91. I love to ramble about random things
92. If I leave my hair to dry it goes curly
93. I don't sleep much
94. I loathe sunbathing
95. I'm scared of the near future
96. I hate it when parents take sides
97. My starsign is virgo
98. I share my Birthday with an enemy.
99. I love recieving comments
100. I've rode in a hot air balloon
101. I've bowled left handed
102. I love popcorn (Oh, I read porn)
103. I've liked my best friend before
104. I wake up to an alarm clock
105. I hide things under my bed
106. I dislike close-minded people
107. I have gone sky diving
108. I've written a book
109. I love Def Lepard
110. I make wishes on "11:11" and any other straight time like 3:33
111. I play lacrosse
112. I have the same best friend since kindergarten
113. I absolutely love cute/weird socks
114. I know what I want to be when I grow up
115. I write in cursive
116. I paint my nails
117. My best friend lives in another state
118. I watch T.V. to fall asleep
119. I try to always do my hair in cute styles
120. Whenever I'm bored, I usually resort to dumb quizes like this one

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dream: guitar

Last night dream: I went to a music shop and was about to buy a guitar, it was an acoustic one with steel strings. The price was US$ 99.

I don't play too much guitar (I'm a keyboard and programming man) so I assume this dream is related to the fact that I was listening at country stuff recently (see post about CD's from BC).

Friday, October 22, 2004


As much as I like Jeff Lynne's songs, I have to admit that certain rhymes sound like atrocities to me.

My favorite one from "Don't Bring Me Down"?

You're lookin' good just like a snake in the grass,
One of these days you're gonna break your glass.
(Don't bring me down...)

Cover version of ELO's Don't Bring Me Down

I'm programming a cover version of "Don't Bring Me Down" by Electric Light Orchestra. I love that song. Many people think it's a Beatles song but it's an ELO one.

Curiously enough, that's ELO's biggest hit worldwhile, but it was a minor hit in Argentina (where I live). The biggest ELO hit here is "Last Train To London", which wasn't even a single outside here. Oh, and people assume "Last Train To London" it's a Bee Gees song.

(I would hate to write such great songs only to have ordinary people thinking that they were someone else's songs... OK, maybe Jeff Lynne has a couple of dozens of millons of dollars to help him forget that injustice. Or maybe he doesn't care. Hey, if my cover sells big people will maybe assume it's MY song).

Monday, October 18, 2004

Dram about a movie

Last night I dreamt I directed a movie (I studied some film production and directing in real life, as well as scriptwriting). The lead actor was my brother Gabriel who lives in Canada. He was around 12 years old in the dream (he's 29). Some friends dropped by and made cameo appearances (short roles). One of them was Bart Simpson (who is a cartoon in real life :) ). The other one was Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish film director (they are about to release his new film here, "La Mala Educación"). People said that my brother was very lovable and charismatic at the film.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

So I Went To The Gym...

I'm waking up early in the morning (as a byproduct of my father's visit, he wakes up very early because he goes to bed very early) so I went to the gym at 11:00 AM. The guy that it's there at the morning didn't know me (although I'm going since January) and started to correct my postures. It turned out that I was doing half of the excercises wrong. Maybe that was why my body hurted (and needed A LOT of sleeping time to heal it).

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

CD featuring an interview to Jorge Luis Borges

I bougth a CD featuring an interview to Jorge Luis Borges (Argentinean writer - maybe the best known in the world). It was made in 1980, when Borges was 80 years old. Some of the subjects are:

  • The concept of "nothing". Borges said that he found out that in English there are two words for it, "nothing" and "nothingness" that seem to mean different amounts of it. Of course, he said, we cannot name of define the nothingness, and he said that the concept probably was created as a natural consequence of the concept of "everything". If "everything" existed then man could think about something called "nothing".
  • French literature: asked about it he said that the proof that French literature was huge was that in other countries you had a most important representative (Shakespeare in England, Dante in Italy, etc) but no one could name a definitive name for French literature. He said that during hundreds of years people studied French only to be able to read French literature, while nowadays people study English as the universal language, but with a different end (probably making bussiness, or with a technical end).
  • The origins of tango: He talked about how the dance from Buenos Aires was born in the districs where prostitution was present, so decent people didn't dance or liked tango. Regular people only adopted tango after it became popular in Paris and the high class from Buenos Aires imported the dance from Europe.
  • The origines of the word "nausea". It comes form nau, ship. "nave " in Spanish. Nausea is what you feel when you board a ship. The word "mareo" in Spanish is similar, the sickness of the sea ("mar" means "sea").
  • Modern literature: He said he adopted Chesterton's advice of not reading any book which hasn't survived 100 years. He said that after that a book has proved it's a classic and you can read it safely. Some writers claim to be modern or contemporary, but since we cannot get into the past or into the future, what else can they be??

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Not much to say...

I've spent these days with my father and foks, going here and there and coming back home to do my stuff. I can't evern remember my dreams, everything s going on fast...