Monday, November 24, 2008

New Release: Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina

Eternal Sunday presents Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina with vocals in English.

Since its beginnings in 2006 the label Eternal Sunday had the objective of developing (and then exporting to the world) artists that are part of the Argentinean pop scene with songs in English. This local scene exists, and many of its artists are extremely talented, they write, perform and record great songs of a superb quality, that can sound next to any international hit.

To prove this Eternal Sunday releases Southern Electro Originals, The ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina. The album has 13 killer tracks that go from the ultra catchy uptempo electropop (KooLTURE, Canal Pop), move to the darker side adding industrial sounds (LastraX, Electrofreek), flirt with house music (Mr Charles Deluxe, Alfredo Norese) and reach a killer disco hymn climax (Polette).

The name of the artists may not be familiar to most people, but this doesn't mean they're newcomers: Electrofreek, who's hit "Hear The Music" opens the album, is the project of the legend of rock nacional Tito Losavio, who was a half of the sucessful duo Man Ray during the 90's. He had played with Charly García, Andrés Calamaro, Los Twists, etc. etc.

KooLTURE has made dozens of dance digital releases and is well known in the international underground electropop scene, having remixed and produced artists from around the world. The same happens to Demarco Electronic Project, the techno twins, who appear on a regular basis on the charts at, the most important dance/ electronic music store in the world. They've made all kind of records, from cutting edge electronic music to electronic tango to hard rock.

Polette is the legendary singer Paula Varela who uses to sing dozens of radio and TV jingles each year and had sung next to international stars like Deep Purple and Shakira.

Alfredo Norese is another known producer, ex member of Macaferri & Asociados, a successful 90's band from Argentina and author of many house tracks sold around the world. Auxiliar Channel and LastraX are very well know to fans of gothic/ industrial/ EBM music around the world. Its producer, Tecnoman SF, produces and records regularly European artists for labels from around the world.

A special mention goes to "Ecstatic Days", the collaboration between Canal Pop and Bea. Canal Pop is the project of Emiliano Canal, a producer from Argentina specialized in pop music with vocals in English and Bea is Bea Conenna, singer from New York City who leads Bea Ba, a North American band that makes rock en español. During a visit of Bea to Buenos Aires they got together and recorded this hit, released as a single by Eternal Sunday. They also made a music video that it’s the official music video for this compilation.

Southern Electro Originals was born to show the world the quality of the Argentinean pop music with vocals in English scene. This was a scene who had almost no support from labels till, Eternal Sunday appeared.

Southern electro Originals is an exclusive digital release. A CD edition will be released soon.

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

New music video: Canal Pop feat. Bea - Ecstatic Days

Eternal Sunday announces the release of the music video for "Ecstatic Days", the catchy electropop song perfomed by Canal Pop featuring Bea.

The video will be the official music video for the compilation Southern Electro Originals: The ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina, which is being released by Eternal Sunday.

Watch Ectstatic Days at YouTube

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Argentina’s Pop For Export podcast Episode 3

A new episode of Argentina's Pop ForExport was uploaded.

Click HERE to listen to it now

Argentina's Pop For Export episode 3. The podcast that brings the best pop music with vocals in English from Argentina to the world features this time songs by The Kavanaghs, Demarco Electronic Project featuring Maca Echeverría, LastraX and a fifth track by 909 Beats. As usual, narrated by Emiliano Canal, owner of Eternal Sunday records, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM 2008

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM.

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM.

Legendary producer Tweetry González (Sode Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Páez & thousands more) & Emiliano Canal.

Tweety González & Valerio Rinaldi.

Tweety & Lolita.

Tango Santo live at BAFIM 2008.

Tango Santo live at BAFIM 2008.

Valerio, Lolita, Guille.

Emiliano, Loli

Alfredo Norese & Emiliano Canal.

Valerio Rinaldi and the Converse Chilarock sneaker.

Celeste Carballo at the Mega 98.3 radio trailer.

María Graña & Celeste Carballo.

Celeste, Emiliano & Carlos Boccardo (Tango Santo).

Celeste & Andrea Álvarez.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tango Santo en el Teatro De La Cooperación, Miércoles 27/08

Tango Santo presenta su CD Puro Bailongo.

Tango Santo en el Centro Cultural De La Cooperación Floreal Gorini
Miércoles 27 de Agosto, 2008
Corrientes 1543, Sala Osvaldo Pugliese.

Tango Santo presenta su CD Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal) en el teatro de la Cooperación. Invitados, visuales y el habitual buen gusto de la banda.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Signing publishing contracts at Universal Music Publishing

Emiliano Canal, Thiago Galíndez (The Kavanaghs), Juan & Daniel from Universal Music Publishing.

Carlos Boccardo (Tango Santo).

Carlos Boccardo & Emiliano Canal.

Emiliano Canal.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eternal Sunday: article at Prensario Espectáculos

An article about Eternal Sunday records appeared at Prensario/ Espectáculos, the South American equivalent for Billboard Magazine. The magazine also features a review of Tango Santo's album Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Podcast: Argentina's Pop For Export

Eternal Sunday presents "Argentina's Pop For Export", the new podcast about pop music made in Argentina.

Entirely in English and narrated by Emiliano Canal, episode 01 presents the preview of four songs, and three of them are part of Eternal Sunday's catalog: KooLTURE – Stupid SuperStar (Sgoliat mix), Cosaquitos En Globo – A Different Colour, Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi – Cool In Japan, and the yet unreleased "Don't You Know" by Angelini Music.

We keep our promise to dedicate ourselves to make the music of our artists known in the rest of the world, gaining access to new markets.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

McPussy, Argentina's favorite cleaning pads

If you want a deep clean, clean it with McPussy ;)

Sorry I couldn't refrain myself...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Single: Canal Pop feat. Bea, "Ecstatic Days"

Eternal Sunday, keeping its promise of releasing amazing Argentinean music for the whole world to enjoy, presents yet another amazing combination: Canal Pop featuring Bea

Canal Pop is the electropop project of Emiliano Canal, the music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in creating and releasing pop music with lyrics in English, who's also the founder of the Eternal Sunday record label. Bea is an American singer songwriter from New York City whose mother is from Argentina. Bea is a big fan of Argentinean music herself and she regularly performs in the New York area singing (mostly) rock en español. This unique contrast (a producer from Argentina who writes in English and a singer from New York who sings in Spanish) was strange enough to make them record and release a fantastic single: "Ecstatic Days".

"Ecstatic Days" is a hyper catchy song that was written by Emiliano Canal and the producer Sebastián "Curlie" Llobera, who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. The song posses all the ingredients that are already characteristics of Canal Pop's releases: catchy hooks, furious analog synth lines, carefully arranged vocals with dozens of takes and a melody that's so catchy that it is impossible to ignore after twenty seconds.

The Single 01 also presents the B side "God Speaks In Silence" and a remix of the main song by Alfredo Norese, AKA DJ Mágico, a dance music producer from Argentina. A music video was shot and will soon be in rotation in all music channels.

Tracklist for Ecstatic Days (Single 01)
01- Ecstatic Days
02- God Speaks In Silence
03- Ecstatic Days (Alfredo Norese FactoryLove Mix)

"Ecstatic Days" written by Emiliano Canal & Curlie Llobera, "God Speaks In Silence" written by Emiliano Canal. Mastering by Michael Etes.

Canal Pop feat. Bea: Ecstatic Days (Single 01) is an exclusive digital release by Eternal Sunday Records.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Emi & Tagus (4 yo) sing Monty Python

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nor Monty Python neither this song are widely known in Argentina, but for some reason Tagus, who's 4 years old, knows it, so we sing it (well, the chorus) together... BTW Tagus doesn't really speak English (she hardly speaks Spanish our local language)...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Release: Tango Santo, Tribal Tango


Debut album for the band that came to change the sound of tango forever: Tango Santo

Eternal Sunday introduces the debut album of the band that came to change the sound of tango forever: Tango Santo.

In the last few years different variations of traditional tango were born and revitalized the whole scene. The creation of electrotango, the combination of traditional tango with elements of electronic music was the spark that initiated the tango craze, not only in Buenos Aires, its natal city, but around the world. Producers and bands that came from every music tradition tried new ways of making tango, but only a few artists came up with really interesting and original fusions.

The one archived by Tango Santo is, undoubtedly, one of the happiest combinations. Tango Santo mixes traditional tango sounds with an electronic flavour and African percussion and rhythms. These rhythmic were present in the musical cocktail from which tango emerged in the last decades of the XIX century, but were eventually discarded, though they remained present in Uruguayan candombe and the murgas (in fact traditional tango is one of the few danceable styles that has absolutely no percussion elements).

This idea, of course, it's not new. But the members of Tango Santo are not improvised: the percussionists are members of an African percussion workshop where they study the rhythms, build the drums and instruments (these are not instruments you get in any shop) and perform the music. These years of experience and original research positions Tango Santo way ahead of any other band that could have tried this fusion.

Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal), the first album of this revolutionary band, has eight instrumental tracks, one of them a cover version of a tango written by maestro Osvaldo Pugliese and the other seven written by the leader of the band, the multifacetic Carlos Boccardo. Carlos is not only a great violinist and composer, he's also a tango lover and has studied its origins extensively, and he combines this role as a musician with many other cool activities: he's a professional graphic designer and an actor, acting in theatre and movies (he got a leading role in "Los Ángeles, La Película", an important Argentinean production planned to be released in 2008), among other things. Of course, Carlos dances the tango every week at the local milongas (places to dance tango) so he took care that every track by Tango Santo can be easily danced.

Eternal Sunday presents this exceptional album that undoubtedly will make History, inside of Argentina as well as in the rest of the world. We keep this way our compromise of taking the best music from our country and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Premios Gardel 2008

Premios Gardel 2008 - Gaby Laguzzi & Emiliano Canal.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Gaby Laguzzi.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Emiliano Canal & Pablo Ruiz.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Gaby Laguzzi & Pablo Ruiz.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Pablo Ruiz.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Pablo Ruiz, interviewed for TV.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Gustavo Cerati & Bajofondo, live.

Premios Gardel 2008 - Patito Feo, live.

Andrés Calamaro, Gardel de Oro.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Eternal Sunday exclusive provider for Petrol/ Pistol Records

We at Eternal Sunday are proud o announce the signing of an agreement with the legendary label Petrol Records and its subsidiary Pistol Digital. Petrol is the label created by the mythical Australian CM Murphy, ex INXS' manager and its one of the most important (maybe the MOST important) in the World Music market. It has worldwide distribution via EMI Music.

According to the agreement Petrol/ Pistol will have non exclusive access to the Eternal Sunday catalog to use it in their international compilations.

This agreement was offered by the A&R scouts of Petrol, who actively search around the world for the most promissory new labels to offer them appear at their compilations. We are very proud of this agreement and it helps us to consolidate Eternal Sunday where we want to be: at the front line of the new music for export from Argentina, showing the creations of our artists to the world and actively conquering new markets.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lecture at SAMC (South American Music Conference)

Ariel Curtis, Max Donato & Emiliano Canal (me) after our lecture about the music business & remixing. EMBA; Buenos Aires, March 3, 2008.

Gustavo Rosa & me.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eternal Sunday en PRENSARIO Enero 2008

Eternal Sunday terminó un gran año que incluyó la firma de un contrato con el sello Petrol y la elección de Valerio Rinaldi para el Festival SXSW 2008.

Emiliano Canal, director del sello, explica: ‘El 2007 terminó con una agradable sorpresa para nosotros: firmamos un contrato con el sello Petrol y su subsidiaria Pistol para que el catálogo de Eternal Sunday aparezca en las prestigiosas compilaciones que lanza esta compañía a nivel mundial. Petrol es el sello del mítico australiano CM Murphy, ex mánager de INXS, y es considerado uno de los más importantes del mundo (si no el más importante) en el mercado de la world music y tiene distribución mundial física a través de EMI.

El acuerdo nos fue propuesto por el equipo de A&Rs de Petrol, que es muy activo buscando novedades y dando a conocer los catálogos de sellos promisorios. Nosotros negociamos un punto, a mi entender, muy interesante: les licenciamos no sólo el catálogo de Eternal Sunday, sino mucho material inédito que nuestros productores tienen acumulado, especialmente tracks de electrotango, folklore electrónico, lounge y pop/ rock cantado en inglés.’

La otra novedad es que el artista Valerio Rinaldi fue seleccionado para participar en el Festival SXSW en marzo. ‘Ya lo habíamos adelantado en BAFIM, el SXSW es quizás el festival musical más importante de Estados Unidos y hay bandas que pagan miles de dólares para tener la posibilidad de ser escuchadas en ese ámbito. Aclaro que la gente de la organización no nos cobró ni un dólar ni siquiera por presentar las solicitudes de nuestros artistas, porque habíamos entablado una buena relación en Buenos Aires y sabían que se nos hubiera hecho difícil afrontar esos gastos siendo un sello que recién comienza’, expresa Canal.

‘Estas dos novedades me llenan particularmente de orgullo, porque hablamos de una compañía y un evento de primera línea, y nos ayudan a posicionar a Eternal Sunday donde siempre quisimos estar: a la vanguardia de la nueva música argentina for export, mostrando las creaciones de los artistas locales al mundo y conquistando activamente nuevos mercados para nuestra música’, concluye.

Para cerrar el año, la canción "Stupid SuperStar" de KooLTURE fue elegida como el tema oficial del festival de cine gay y lésbico ‘LesGaiCineVox 07’, que se realizó en noviembre en las provincias de Córdoba y Santa Fe.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New single + remixes: Jorge Vázquez - True Faith

True Faith is the Third single plus remixes taken from the Southern Waves compilation.

This cover of the Brithish band New Order is performed by Jorge Vázquez, a young singer from Buenos Aires specialized in singing in English. He appeared at the popular reality TV show Escalera A La Fama. The album version belongs to Southern Waves, an Argentinian tribute to classic electropop.

The tracklisting is the following:

Jorge Vázquez - True Faith (Single)

01- True Faith (Album Version)
02- True Faith (Remix by LastraX)
03- True Faith (Alfredo Norese Lovelounge Mix)
04- True Faith (Otherox RMX 6)

Mastering by Sgoliat.

Buy True Faith at iTunes

Buy True Faith at eMusic

Angelini Music - One available as a digital download

One, the debut album of Angelini Music, the project of Mauro Angelini, is for sale at iTunes and other fine digital stores.

Mauro Angelini is a multifacetic multi instrumentalist, producer and singer from Argentina. His style combines different influences like house music, chill out/ lounge music, rock and roll, fnl, western music, tango, Argentinean folklore, reggae and other thigs, creating a sensual and organic cocktail that's imposible to handle and flows always changing, like life itself.

Some critics call Mauro "the Argentinean Moby".