Sunday, October 23, 2005

Playing The Angel

I finally bought Depeche Mode's last album, Playing The Angel.

Sounds good, but it's a little bit what everyone expected, songs with minor chords about pain and sin...

What came to my mind was this (I posted it in a forum)

And a final thought: now I realise how brave were the Bee Gees in the mid 70's when they moved to the USA and started playing disco, when everyone expected them to sing slow ballads with careful vocal arrangements... Very Happy

Don't laugh, I'm not kidding.... Everyone said "they're crazy" but a couple of years later they were the most popular group on earth, after having been at the top for 10 or 12 years, they were 30 something and they were doing something new and innovative for the moment, and different of what they were doing at the beginning.... Very Happy

Maybe DM should have recorded a reggaeton album... Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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