Tuesday, October 18, 2005

B-sides album for Erasure in the making

From Side Line Magazine

In a chat with fans, Erasure's Andy Bell has confirmed that the band is to release a b-sides album. The band is currently in the process of compiling one. In an interview with Side-Line (available in Side-Line 53 below) Bell also says that the band has found their balance again lately: "(“Cowboy”, “Loveboat” and “Erasure”) didn’t make sense to me either. We were a bit lost, like we were looking for something, like being in a car without a driver really. With “Nightbird” we indeed got back for the full 100%." Bell has in the meantime released his second solo album "Electric Blue" ("Other people’s songs" being originally his first) including electropop duets with Claudia Brücken of Propaganda, Act and more recently Onetwo fame. Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) is involved as well. A live gig to lauch the album took place on October 6th at Madame JoJo's, in the (gay) heart of London's Soho including Claudia Brücken on stage. More info can be found on www.andybell.com .

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