Tuesday, May 17, 2005

They reviewed a song of mine in a Sweddish site!!!!

They reviewed a song of mine in Sweden!!


I can't decide if they liked it or not... :(

COUNTRY: Argentina
HOMEPAGE: www.canalpop.com.ar/secret/
GENERAL OPINION: Disco. Well I think Bjorn and Benny might sue you after this version.
Peter Å, 11 maj 2005


Daft Monk said...

My guess is that they are saying that it's a bit too close to the original, but they didn't express it clearly and I couldn't tell you if they think it's a good or bad thing.
As for the cover, I like it. It's a solid electropop take on the song that goes down easy. Good stuff, and I look forward to hearing more from your new project.

Pop Producer said...

Hey great you liked it... The new songs will be recorded by a new singer though....

And they told me that what happened was that the abba guys used to sue people so it's a local joke...

Daft Monk said...

Well that makes a little more sense.