Friday, September 09, 2005

New Depeche Mode documentary to be released on DVD

Taken from Side Line


Out via the UK firm Chrome Dreams on October 17th is the Depeche Mode documentary DVD "Random Access Memory". Melanie Breen, Marketing Coordinator at Chrome Dreams, explains: "This film documents the band's life in music over the past three decades, from their rise in the late 1970s to the present day. With the aid of rare band footage, exclusive interviews, previously unpublished photographs - many from private collections - numerous contributors and a host of other features, this programme, the first of its kind on this legendary group, will delight their millions of dedicated fans."

This first complete and unauthorised DVD biography of Depeche Mode includes previously unseen film footage of the band and exclusive in-depth interviews with those who worked closely with them during their career, including; Brian Griffin (photographer and film maker who shot several of Depeche's sleeves), Jonathan Miller (author of "Stripped: Depeche Mode"), musician and close friend Phil Burdett who played with Martin Gore in previous bands, Deb Mann (former girlfriend of Vince Clarke and involved with running the DM fan club), Gareth Jones (producer of several DM albums), Lisa Davenport (head of the official DM website and fanclub "Musings for the Masses"), Steve Heath and Jeff Hitchings from the DM tribute band 'Black Celebration' among many others.

The DVD also includes special features such as interactive trivia quiz and an extensive digital discography. A DVD that will please many, that's sure. A review of the DVD will be published in Side-Line 53. Chrome Dreams already released the interview disc "Maximum Depeche Mode" in the past. Be sure to order your copy now below! There will only be a limited pressing available. In related news, the second Depeche Mode single to be pulled from the band's upcoming album is supposedly going to be "A pain that i'm used to", the track was performed in Cologne yesterday at the top of the pops recording, as well as "precious". The news comes from people having attended the show.

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