Sunday, October 14, 2007

An underground weekend

I spent the weekend going to underground parties attended by strage people (I was probably one of them). Here are some pictures. On friday night I went to the Estelares Pop party and on saturday night I went to the Divas & Divos party at Niceto.

Cosaquitos En Globo at Estelares Pop, Casa Brandon, October 12, 2007. Other artists were Blitto & Vanesa Strauch.

Blitto live, with guest Not Poet.

Blitto live.

Blitto live, the keyboard player.

Vanesa Strauch, live. Notice the belt made of inflatable guitars.

Vanessa Strauch with a friend.

Me with Blitto.

Blitto with Cosaquitos En Globo.

Second party, Divas & Divos. Emiliano (that's me) with Fabián Jara (the guy that organizes everything) and electropop/ futurepop/ industrial/ ebm producer Tecnoman SF (keyboardist of LastraX), at the Divas & Divos party at Niceto, one of the coolest in the city. Tecnoman played a DJ set. The main attraction was Dany Umpi's show. October 13, 2007.

Divas & Divos, with Tecnoman.

A drag queen... Isn't the same one that Vanessa invited the nigt before, only blonde? And why do I care about this?

An all girls band called Pequeño Bambi.

Divas & Divos, Dani Umpi live.

Divas & Divos, Dani Umpi live.

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