Thursday, July 20, 2006

My month, so far...

  • 07/19 - Spent the whole day working on the backing vocals recorded yesterday.

  • 07/18 - Gym. Young singer Paula Reus (16) came to my studio to record some backing vocals. Mery Zeta came too, and they met. After having recording half of "Pop Goes The World" I realized that the key is wrong and I have to transpose it.

  • 07/14 - Ran 58 minutes around Aeroparque. Went to see my cousin Gabriela act in an amateur rendition of My Fair Lady. Started to work on a cover version of Men Without Hats' "Pop Goes The World".

  • 07/12 - Gym. Work.

  • 07/09 - Maria Elena's Birthday. Wold Cup finals, Italy won, Elizondo shown a red card to Zidane. Independence day.

  • 07/08 - Added pics to the new images page.

  • 07/07 - Ran 56 minutes. We should be in the middle of winter but it's a warm and sunny day, almost springtime.

  • 07/06 - Gym. Singer Jorge Vázquez came to record a song for the Southern Waves compilation.

  • 07/05 - Alejandra's birthday.

  • 07/03 - My friend Monk's birthday. I ran 55 minutes circling Aeroparque.

  • 07/02 - Little birthday meeting at home.

  • 07/01 - Ran 7 km. Brazil lost against France and joined us at the fly back home...

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