Saturday, November 05, 2005

[Rugby] I went to see Los Pumas vs Springboks

Los Pumas (Argentina's team) lost 23-34 against Springboks (South Africa). They ended the first half winning 20-16 but South Africa was far better the second half.

I liked the match, and the local team had a wonderful defense, every Springbok that got the ball was tackled.

Some stories:

  • Since the word "Springboks" is a little complicated if you speak Spanish some people can't pronounce it. An ice cream seller was screaming (making a joke out of it) "buy an ice cream and watch the match Los Pumas vs Pink Floyds"
  • Since the collective behaviour of most football/ soccer fans in this country is close to the cathegory of "horde" most stadioums and arenas have some sort of well around the field for impeding angry people to invade it. In this particular stadium there's a well that was covered by the sides with ad signs. One Springbok, for no reason at all, pushed a Puma after a tackle, without knowing that the well was there, and the local player fell inside. The people wanted to lynch and kill the guy (but coulnd't enter because of the well). The South African seemed surprised, he surely didn't even imagine that there was a well behind the signs.
  • The logo of the South Africans is, well, a springbook, which is an African sort of antelope. So the fans made fun of this singing "Your logo has a Bambi/ your logo has a Bambi..."

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