Sunday, November 20, 2005

By the way, I'm single again... [and a couple of things about my life]

Love life: the girl I was dating (after two years, she always complained when I said "my girlfriend") and me are going separate ways. That's OK. The problem is that she have some keys to my apartment and lost them in that pighouse she calls her place so I'm urging her to find them and give them back to me. The lack of respect she had for the keys is the same that she shown to all my important things (including my feelings and my birthday).

Family life: My parents (who live in Vancouver BC) are here from Nov 14 to Dec 03. They brought me some CD's and books I asked them for. We're visiting relatives. Lots of them. Today they went sailing with my uncle Mili who owns a ship (yacht, whatever).

Canal Pop: Gaby is busy, we're planning things but not too much action.

Remixes: My remix of Heaven 17 will probably be released in the promotional single so I'm happy about it.

My acting career (yeah right): Tomorrow monday I'll starr in a commercial for a local beverage called amargo serrano Terma. I'll be there at 7 AM, quite early for my standars. With the money I'll get I'll buy an air conditioner, I think.

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