Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New Release: Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi

Eternal Sunday presents the EP We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires.

Ex Plastic Orgasm People member Emiliano Canal got together with singer Gaby Laguzzi and bpth recorded several songs. The best 4 of those songs were taken to create this must-have EP. As usual with emiliano the songs are ultra catchy, the lyrics are ironic and the vocals are carefully produced. This EP features the song "Cool In Japan" that was released some time ago as part of the electropop compilation Sector One released by the Section 44 label (USA).

We Never Play Live in Buenos Aires is released in two digital editions, the second one with the bonus track "Don't Bring Me Down", an Electric Light Orchestra 70's cover.

01- Cool In Japan
02- If You Are Like Me
03- Lonely Dance
04- Bless The Ones

05- Doon't Bring Me Down

More info at www.canalpop.com.ar

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