Sunday, March 19, 2006

New single Pet Shop Boys disses Bush-Blair relation

Taken from Side Line


"Fundamental", the ninth studio album by Pet Shop Boys, will be released on Parlophone Records on May 22. The album reunites Pet Shop Boys with legendary producer Trevor Horn, who first worked with them on "Left To My Own Devices" in 1988. It was recorded in London starting in May 2005 and features 12 tracks (11 new Tennant/Lowe compositions and one track, "Numb", written by Diane Warren).

On the album the duo diss ID cards and the war on terror, a point of view which is maximized on the single "I’m With Stupid" to be released on May 8th. The song, inspired by the relationship between Tony Blair and George Bush, will have an accompanying video which will include appearances by David Walliams and Matt Lucas. Neil Tennant: "The single is a love song about how the rest of the world can’t understand why you’re going out with someone. It’s also a satire about the relationship between Blair and Bush from Blair’s point of view."

The single includes the lines: "No one understands me - Where I'm coming from - Why would I be with someone -who's obviously so dumb?" The next verse continues: "Before we ever met - I thought like everybody did - You were just a moron - A billion-dollar kid - You flew up all the way - Like a hawk chasing a dove - I never thought that I would be - A sacrifice in love".

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