Wednesday, December 14, 2005

New Pet Shop Boys album has a name

From SideLine

Pet Shop Boys' new album is called "Fundamental" and has a provisional release date of April 17, 2006, on Parlophone Records, EMI. It will be preceded by a new single, "Minimal". The album has been produced by Trevor Horn and features 10 new Tennant/Lowe songs, a short introduction (also written by Tennant/Lowe) and "Numb", a song by Diane Warren, originally recorded for the "PopArt" compilation in 2003.

Neil and Chris started writing songs for the album in January and commenced recording with Trevor Horn in May. Chris Lowe commented: "We've really enjoyed making this album with Trevor and his team and are very happy indeed with the finished result." Neil Tennant added: "We think it's a great Pet Shop Boys album and also a great Trevor Horn record." In related info, the release of "Nightlife - Further listening" is set back by their record company but a release of the "Discovery" concert on DVD is planned. More news as we get it.


Daft Monk said...

This is fantastic news because PSB have been doing amazing things since "Release" pulling out all the stops with the "Disco 3" and the "PopArt" singles and then there is Trevor Horn's career resurgence in recent years. Hopefully the results will stand up to my expectations.

Pop Producer said...

I think this change will be healthy for them (and us fans). Waiting to listen...